about me

Atilayo Ayokunle.

About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m layoh, a mom of two wonderful children living in the beautiful country of Germany. My journey through motherhood has been filled with joy, challenges, and countless moments of growth, and I’m here to share that journey with you.

My Family

I am blessed with two incredible kids who keep my days vibrant and full of love. My youngest is on the autism spectrum, which has opened my eyes to a world of unique experiences and perspectives. Every day, I learn something new from him about patience, resilience, and the beauty of seeing the world differently. My eldest child brings a different kind of energy and joy, balancing our family dynamic perfectly.

 Faith and Inspiration

As a Christian, my faith is the cornerstone of my life. It guides me through the highs and lows, offering comfort, strength, and a sense of purpose. I believe in the power of prayer, community, and living a life that reflects God’s love and grace. My faith inspires me to be a better mother, wife, and friend, and it’s a central theme in my writing.

 Living in Germany

Living in Germany has been an enriching experience for our family. From the picturesque landscapes to the rich culture and history, this country offers so much to explore and appreciate. I enjoy sharing our adventures, cultural insights, and the everyday magic of life in Germany.

My Blog

This blog is a space where I chronicle our family’s life, share insights on parenting, particularly navigating the joys and challenges of raising a child with autism, and reflect on my faith journey. Here, you’ll find a mix of personal stories, practical tips, and hopefully, some inspiration and encouragement for your own life.

 Join Me

I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether you’re a fellow parent, someone interested in autism, or simply looking for a bit of faith-based inspiration, I hope you find something here that resonates with you. Let’s connect, share, and support each other in this beautiful adventure called life.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!